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About Bling Ring

How do they work:

Used to connect with others socially or share your business with a TAP
All Bling Rings currently have 1 link on bottom side  (where it says Made Nola)

Our next Bling Rings will resume with 2 links (one on diamond side on second on the opposite side which you will receive by holding your NFT)

About Bling Rings:
-Bling Rings are water resistant
-Can be programed more than once (you can always change link)
-Bling Rings now also comes with free NFT with your personal order number.
(We teach you how get a digital wallet for your NFT)

NFT perks:
-You get your Bling Ring remade at 20% off
-You have a custom number that will be yours forever until you sell it. (this gives you a position in the Bling Ring community depending on order you purchased your ring)
-Access to our Bling Ring community where we teach business, how to make more money, marketing, and more.
(Our discord community is open and more is being added as we grow)

Lifetime 20% off

All Bling Ring Owners Recieve Their Individual Rights To Own A Position Number After Purchase & Recieve Discounts On Their Bling Ring Whenever You Lose Or Scratch It

Free Shipping

All Bling Ring Orders Recieve Free Shipping & Bling Button Accessory For Your Phone Device.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Order Bling Ring Risk Free With Guaranted Refunds Within 21 Days